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Music Teacher Jobs Malaysia
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Music Teachers in Malaysia, 

Wish to earn more income doing what you love, while improving yet sharing your skill sets at the same time? At BearTheMusic, we have incoming music lessons inquiries the whole time and if you wish to be notified as and when we have a matching music teacher jobs in Malaysia – specifically in Kuala Lumpur (KL), and Petaling Jaya PJ).

At BearTheMusic, we have our internal online Lesson Management System to handle all the lessons for you 24/7 so you and your students can access the following anytime:

  1. Receive lesson reminders before each lesson
  2. Lesson notes emailed to both you ad your students after each lesson to easily keep track of homework and assignments
  3. Commissions earned by you released to you alongside detailed breakdown of each lesson’s commission
  4. All your previous and upcoming lessons taught and will be taught by you viewable in calendar form

As an employee of BearTheMusic, you will be paid on an hourly commission basis and be entitled to staff rewards ($$, discounts, free video production to showcase your skills, etc) should you be 1 of our performing in-house tutors!

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